Two of us

If you’re reading this blog from its beginning, you must think I’d do anything for my dog. But I’ve found something I like here, too. There’s a rugged sweetness to his romantic leads, and his sense of humor really appeals to me. I even like his music, which I didn’t expect. Russell Crowe is a gifted songwriter and performer, with lyrics that fill an unoccupied niche in my music library for adult themes and gentle handling of social tensions, showing that low-key emotional reasoning can explore a subject with more sensitivity than unsentimental anger or septic irony. So far I have Gaslight, Bastard Life or Clarity, and The Crowe/Doyle Songbook Vol. III. Some of the songs are just good, clean fun. One of my favorites is Circus. Testify is a rollicking good story with foot-tapping rhythm and spot-on rhyme. The music video of Testify on the DVD of A Good Year got Bagehot on her feet, too. And I don’t get angry when he puns. That’s smooth.

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