Playlist: American Gangster

I only listen to a new album a few times before I integrate into a number of playlists that run 2-5 hours long. Right now I have a little over a hundred playlists; I usually listen to the ones I created most recently though. Usually they’re quite a mix, but when I bought the Grammy winning soundtrack to American Gangster, I noticed it goes quite well with two TOFOG albums, Gaslight and Bastard Life or Clarity, and they both feature prominently in one of my new playlists. I threw in some tracks from the soundtrack to Miami Vice, which I like better than the movie, and some music from the Doors, including a George Winston album called Night Divides the Day. There’s some Fiona Apple too, mostly from When The Pawn Hits… The other album in there is pretty obscure, from a Philippine artist named Kitchie Nadal. Her lyrics have a level of darkness to them that suit the human backdrop to the movie, the Harlem drug scene. I discovered her on YouTube, in a fan video set to a beautiful love song that won her awards. The reason I mention this is that these albums go so well together, the playlist sounds good on shuffle. I usually prefer to arrange my music.

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