Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks won her role in The Next Three Days by auditioning, and knocked my socks off in the movie. Some critics would say it’s not so easy to hold your own opposite Russell Crowe as the leading lady, but she sold me. She also had a very sweet role in Seabiscuit, playing against what has become her type. But one of my favorite roles for her was on 30 Rock. I was afraid she wouldn’t wink but she did. That was crazy. Still, I think I’d jump out of my skin if I met someone like that. The blond ambition archetype, only with a deadpan sense of humor about the rigors of maintaining the A-list body type. Incredible. Almost as crazy as their kid in The Next Three Days acting like a human child, and not a larger than life ham. But enough, or I might not know when to stop gushing about The Next Three Days. I really love that movie.

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