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For me, movies are the best subject for fan poetry, but there is something to be said for the experience of being someone’s particular fan. This poem is about a non-film fan video for Colin Farrell with a song I like, Just Like a Star.

Yours is the only star light city nights cannot eclipse,
observing what you show like one last angel in the midst
of lives less stripped of meaning than forgetful of surprise,
illuminating thoughts that lead us back outside – your guise
cobbled from fancy’s streamers, drawn in detail from the page
of an essay or a verse become interpretive, made
conscious of its parallels, alive – and sensitively
flawed, possessed of shadows deep and winding, ostensibly
unreal, though a bittersweet conviction reaches your eyes.
You have appeared to my life, sayings cleverly devised,
bringing a long-handled scythe for the rich harvest of days,
and I imagine I see more and feel more and always
will be changed, a fantasy of becoming, like your trade,
now with a song in my heart, now with a journey to make,
carrying sadness and warmth with a new, sensual grace,
and I return to your voice, nuanced as lines on your face,
a reminder to rejoice in subtle recognition,
and seek out rich texts, sweet lines and gentle conversations.

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