I would walk 500 miles

Russell once joked that he was never into Dr. Who because, “not enough naked women”! Well, things change, and I at least have finally caught the Whovian bug. I’m behind, though. I started with The David Tennant Years boxed set and hit “pause” just before Donna’s return – she’s my favorite, and I’m saving her next episode for a rainy day.

This video sets David Tennant’s favorite song to three Doctors’ worth of Dr. Who loveableness, and it really captures how I feel right now about coming back to this blog after a long absence.

Something about squeezing awkwardly back into this quiet little space makes me feel domestic and contented again, as if everything could be better than before, and nothing need ever be the same again. 

It rained here last night. Here’s to hoping the fires die down soon. Writing from Washington.

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