Freckles 💛 Jack Thompson

Freckles’ first fan reference was admittedly for a sock puppet. And she’s an unabashed fan of the buckets of blood scenes in Gladiator.

But her most immediate and soulful connection with any film we’ve ever watched together was in response to a ‘fourth wall’ monologue given by the Australian film giant Jack Thompson in Russell Crowe’s early film, The Sum of Us

She wasn’t watching the film until he turned to the camera and gave his character’s last lines, but suddenly she stopped and looked and just soaked that speech in, riveted to the screen.

Then she turned and looked at me as if to say, “did you see that?? did he really say that?? where has this actor been all my life??”

I’ve never seen her smile with her eyes like that one time. Just wanted to share.

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