Game of Thrones

There’s something comical about the power trips in Game of Thrones, and when you rewrite the 21st Psalm to pay tribute to the ladies of Westeros, you do get a semi-comical effect. Crocodile tears and all that. With this one, I think the shoe fits rather well. Kudos to Jah on YouTube for a fan video that captures the humor in the violence.

Force, in your fulcrum the new queen rejoices,
and in your reversals how much she exults!
Her basest desires you furnished with spoils,
and her lips’ entreaty through you bore wet fruit.
For you greeted her whims with ease of taking,
you set on her hair a steely diadem.
Lives she demanded – you gave the best to her,
hostages and graves in number without end.
Great is her glamour under your protection.
Power’s chilling grandeur you settled on her.
For you purchased her rich comforts and safety,
flattered her wit in the shade of your temple.
For the queen can trust only in ruthless Force,
through absolute dominance she will not fail.
You will flush out intrigues and find out her foes,
your right hand will seek out their treacherous throats.
You will reduce them to ashes and cinders
in the heat of your inexhaustible wrath.
Mere Force will annul them in her blind anger,
and a blood obsidian tooth hack them up.
Their fields and their kine you roast just in passing
and their progeny fall before you like flies.
For to wretchedness they sought to bring you first,
scheming to foil an unstoppable impulse.
For you will swing them around in their own tracks,
with your bowstring aimed at their rigid faces.
Loom high, blunt Force, in your fierce hegemony.
Let us sing all of your merciless exploits.

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