Quantum of Solace Bond girl and Water Diviner leading lady Olga Kurylenko is now in three movies on my watch list – a drama about peacebuilding work (A Perfect Day), a drama set in the Spanish Civil War (There Be Dragons), and Terry Gilliam’s much-anticipated The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. This short poem, based on the 30th Psalm, is in the voice of her character Ayshe in Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner.

As I would draw from a well, hope drew me up,
just when I had to face my fears, and say “no.”
Rooted in fond memories, hope sustained me.
I wept for hope of better days – faith healed me.
This is what pulled me away from purdah,
a faith in a life that was too full for mourning.
A house should sing back to the garden’s wild birds,
and I have not forgotten those songs, that love.
All of our losses are over in moments,
our lives hurry on, with more pleasure than pain.
In the evening, perhaps you bed down with tears;
and come morning, the sun smiles – all is glad song.
And I, I used to imagine our future,
never missing a beat – no one could stop us.
That hope gave me the stubbornness and the strength
a mountain needs, when I found myself alone.
To this faith in happier days I reach out,
once more gambling on hopes long set aside.
“What would be gained by seeing me walled away,
in thrusting me down to face only the dead?
Can dust acclaim the love I bear my husband,
can this enforced mourning show our son his truth?
I protest, and I reach out in hope of grace.
I pray for our promises for our Orhan.
Out of a dirge, I found a tune to dance to,
laying aside the veil and taking up joy.
Hope fills my heart with constant, restless music –
I will never abstain from giving it voice.

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