King Richard returns

I don’t have a 4k HD t.v., but I found a lovely pic of Rusty looking ultra regal in 4k HD from Ridley Scott’s 2010 Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

This poem, based on the 47th Psalm, is about the beginning of the film, in a pivotal scene when Eleanor of Aquitaine and her son, Prince John, come to greet Rusty and his trusty Crusader, King Richard, on their long-awaited return to England.

No spoilers this time, folks. (But there is some slant rhyme. Like I said, I’ve been experimenting.)

All peoples of England raise the hue and cry,
shout out to King Richard with bluster and pride.
For the Lionheart of the Crusades turns home,
our great King, rich in conquests, takes back his throne.
He crushed the infidels in the Holy Land
and overthrew the rich fortresses of France.
He marked out for England a great destiny,
the pride of our troops in our hour of need.
King Richard arrives – strike up a great fanfare,
the sound of our trumpets should ring him ashore.
Assemble in state to receive your true King,
let the Lionheart gaze on a joyous throng.
For England has long been in feckless John’s hands,
and the land lying fallow without our men.
Richard combined every fief in a nation,
united behind his Crusade and his crown.
The nobles of London all gather and bow;
by bonds that run deeper than blood, they are bound.
For God’s are the kingdom’s Crusader’s and knights.
Much exalted the man who long shared their tents.

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