This movie dates me, but it’s also a timeless classic. Starring Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick, Ladyhawke tells the mythical story of a knight and his lady, cursed by an evil bishop to inhabit the forms of hawk and wolf in alternation between night and day, so that though they are together forever, they cannot simultaneously take human form. Helped by the thief nicknamed Mouse, they search for a way to break their curse.

Michelle Pfeiffer is unforgettable in this film, and this poem (based on the 61st Psalm) is a love song addressed to her Isabo from her dark knight in shining armor, who guards her human form by night as a wolf, and carries her as a hawk on his arm by day.

Hear me, Isabo, this is my wolf song,
and in it burns a constant heart’s lost prayers.
From the wreck of creation I call you.
When I falter, you lead my gaze upward.
In the coldest nights you have sheltered me,
and by day you fly hard at my foes.
Let me dwell in your dreamlight always,
and rest my head in your wings’ hidden folds.
For once, our God has acknowledged my vows,
and has granted a way to break our curse.
Days though it adds to the bishop’s long life,
this eclipse will defy his black magic.
May this troublesome thief know solace, too.
God’s kindness alone is his surety.
I sing out her name with a wolf’s lone might,
for my vow to Isabo sustains me.

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