“Doesn’t know her daughter died” / 16 July 12:38 pm, Vinnytsia

I had to write some more #poetry about Russia’s war of aggression against #Ukraine today, just to keep my head on straight. 

The picture with the poem is a #Vinnytsia street scene, shared June 15, 2022, by @unsplash photographer Dasha Zhytanska. The headline in the poem’s title is from today’s edition of the English language daily, New Voice of Ukraine.

Vinnytsia is a beautiful city where refugees from the front lines have been coming for months, and was once a safe and welcoming place to stay, considered one of the most pleasant cities in Ukraine to live in, a city about the same size as our hometown of Tulsa. Learn more about Vinnytsia before the war here.

To support rescue workers on the ground in cities like Vinnytsia hit by Russian missiles, support #Razom.for.Ukraine or #NovaUkraine or #UnitedHelpUkraine and make sure your government representatives know that you want them #ArmUkraineNow, really enforce sanctions against Russia (not just token sanctions!), and send more humanitarian assistance for Ukraine.

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