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The Mummy (2017)

Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe star in The Mummy (2017)

This poem, based on the 46th Psalm, is an epilogue to Universal’s 2017 monster extravaganza, The Mummy, in Henry’s voice.

This poem marks the beginning of a transition out of that abominable 11-syllable line I’ve been trying to use for the last few months, to no avail. It was originally written in hendecasyllabics, like all the others, but I’ve revised it in free verse. Expect to see more variation in line lengths to come…

The occult is a shelter and strength for me,
a tool and a trade I resort to in need.
I fear not when the cities tremble,
when pyramids gape their tombs, and dead men rise.
The Thames roars beneath these graves,
carrying sediment off to the sea.
This stream erased thousands of mysteries,
and gladdened our people while going its way.
With my lab in her midst, London will not fall.
Our work in the dark bears fruit before dawn.
Old Kingdom monsters stir, armies take flight.
Death sends forth creeping harbingers – even time shakes.
But evil is known to science – there’s some cure,
a weapon waiting for us to forge and wield.
Go, study the ways of wrath and destruction,
the forces of desolation and despair,
impervious to wars and deaf to our prayers.
My weapons have failed against this new foe,
my lab has been tested by fire this time.
“Let go,” the darkness whispers in your friend’s mind.
“My power will cast your shadow over all.”
Perhaps he is with us nonetheless – we’ll see.
He seeks a way to break his curse on his own.

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